Video and Digital Marketing Pricing

The purpose of a business is to attract, convert, and keep customers, clients, or patients. Doing that effectively and efficiently yields a profit.

It requires an investment of both (i) time and energy and (ii) money.

The chief problems with establishing and growing a business using just your own time and energy are that it’s slow and usually results in overwhelm.  After all, just running your business well is a full-time occupation and adding to that trying also to do all the marketing as well is typically just too much.

If possible, then, invest money to make money.  What’s critical is to maintain focus:  keep focused on your return of investment [ROI].

There’s good news about that, namely, our services should be free in the sense that they will earn you more money than they cost.

If I were to give you $1.50 back for every $1.00 that you gave me, how many dollars would you give me? Exactly.  That’s what we want for your business — a positive ROI.  With a positive ROI, the more you spend on marketing, the more you’ll increase your bottom line.

The problem with a website page like this one is that it cannot provide information individualized to your situation. Please contact us to discuss where your business is and where you’d like it to be. We’ll tailor a plan that fits you.

You’ll find below some general pricing guidelines for 2019.  All prices are USD.

Once you purchase anything from us, you’ll be entitled to a customer discount on all additional purchases.

Late 2019:  For the first time we now have the ability to give you a basic choice about many of our services, namely, you can do-it-yourself with our software or we can do it for you.  If you are only interested in having us do it for you, you’ll be able to get a good idea of our pricing if you read the rest of this page.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in using our software and either doing it yourself or having one of your employees or virtual assistants do it, this is a great, much-lower-cost option.  There can either be a one-time price or monthly pricing.  For more information,  simply click and then select the Video Creation tab at the top to see its dropdown menu for the available software, which, of course, comes with full training and support.

Regularly creating your own videos using our software and templates not only saves money but it can be fun!  If you don’t yourself have either the desire or time to do it yourself, and you don’t happen to have, say, a niece or nephew or employee who’d like to do it for you, talk to Dr. Bradford about hiring a Filipino virtual assistant at low cost (e.g., $4 per hour) who specializes in it and would love to do it for you part-time.

Conversational Marketing

Without a business website, your business is invisible online.  Having one is, therefore, a no-brainer if you want to grow your business.  However, just having a website is no longer enough.

Without a video on its homepage, your website will be static and look dead.  Many prospects will simply click away in seconds.  However, just having a video on a website is no longer enough.

What’s best to have today is a conversational marketing app powered by artificial intelligence.  It can interact with visitors to your website in order to guide them and enable you to serve them better.  It’s similar to the one used on this website.

As a result, the number of visitors you convert to paying customers, clients, or patients will increase.  What would the lifetime value to your business be if you were able to convert just one or two additional prospects each month?  To discover more, watch this short video:

The best news?  As an introductory special offer, there’s no risk whatsoever to testing one that we’ll create for you on your business’s website for 15 days for free!  If it fails to increase conversions, we’ll simply turn it off.  There’s nothing for you to lose; the risk is all on us.  If you like it — and we think it’s almost certain that you will — we’ll mentor you to enable your business to continue to enjoy its marketing magic and ensure that you receive a positive ROI.  This is the hottest trend in online marketing in 2019.  

Interactive Video

These videos are also really effective at increasing engagement and, therefore, conversions.  Here’s a short explainer video about them:

Feb 2019:  We are just introducing this service.  The first 5 businesses who invest in one will get a $100 discount from the prices below.

This is a one-time fee.  If we have to make a custom one for your business from scratch, it’s $1199.  However, if we have a template for your kind of business, it’s only $599.  Both include monthly hosting that we cover, so there’s no additional hosting charge.  (Interactive videos can, for example, be put on your website or in your signature block, but they have to be hosted “in the cloud” and not with a regular hosting company.)

Too expensive?  If you are willing to pay $10 per month for hosting and we have an appropriate template, it’s only $499.

Also, if you provide us with two personal recommendations to someone else you know in your market niche, we’ll drop the one-time price by $50.

Schema Markup

We’ll write the schema markup code for your website for a one-time investment of just $199.  After we do that for you, should a change become necessary (for example, if you change your phone number or business hours), we’ll change the code for $69.  Once you have the code, it’s easy simply to copy-and-paste it into either an HTML site or a WordPress site.

To understand why this is important, read Dr. Bradford’s blog post at:

Social Media Marketing

Social media are where many new prospects for your business already hang out, which is why you should consider posting high-quality content on social media daily.  It’s not only difficult to post engaging posts regularly, but it’s also time-consuming.  If you have ever tried it, you likely burned out quickly.

We’re able to take care of that for you.  We’ll post quality content daily for you on up to 10 social media platforms including all the major ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for just $249 monthly.  (That’s typically one to three hundred dollars less expensive than other providers on sites such as Thumbtack.  We encourage you to do your due diligence to check.)  You may stop the service at any time — but you won’t want to!

If you don’t have social media platforms for your business, you should.  Each takes just a few minutes to set up and is free.  Whether or not you sign up for our social media marketing service, upon request, we’ll email you a PDF with detailed instructions on how to do it properly for your business.  [Send a request email to:]

Social Media Video Commercials

According to Facebook, the most effective ads on its platform are about 15 seconds long.  Wow! That’s a very short amount of time to attract attention, make a point about some benefit you offer, and leave the viewer with a call to action.  Doing that well takes skill.  We’re able to do that for you.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to embed the videos on your website if you want.  Also, if you post them on YouTube, Vimeo, or some other video platform, you may include their URL’s in your email signature.  We’ll send you the videos and you’ll own them.

1 social media marketing video is $199.

1 a month (for a minimum of 3 months) is just $99 monthly, which is what we recommend because it not only will save you $100 per video but also it will provide you with several videos to rotate.

Click here to see some samples.  [Tip:  if you use the chat agent in the lower right, you may still be able to receive the whopping introductory discount code!]

Text Videos

Text videos are new and very popular.  Especially if they are done well with an element of surprise or humor, they can go viral very quickly.

Since they unfold like a brief story, they require a script, which we can easily and quickly work out together on the phone.  We’ll do a simple text video for you for just $99.  If, as we recommend instead, you embed one inside another video, it’s $149.

We’ll send you the video and you’ll own it.

Traditional Video

This also is a one-time sale.  We’ll send you the video and you’ll own it so you’ll be able to use it on your website, YouTube channel, with your emails, wherever.  Assuming that we already have a template for your market niche that will work well for your business, it’s just $399.  That includes a customized lower-third with a call to action using your phone number, website, or both.

Add-on options:  $50 for a beginning and/or ending spokesperson.  $50 for a custom background. Delivery via Dropbox or Google Drive:  free

If we don’t have a video template for your market niche that we can customize or if you’d also like a unique video, we are able to create for you a slideshow video complete with a spokesperson beginning and ending as well as lower thirds for just $499.  We’ll use your images or photos if you’d like (or we can use stock images).  Of course, there’ll be a customized lower-third with a call-to-action using your phone number, website, or both.

We’ll send you the video and you’ll own it.

Traffic that Causes Warm, Online Prospects to Contact Your Business

We recommend this press release service to all our business partners.  We don’t offer magic, but new leads will begin contacting your business within days and the results in just 4 to 6 months will probably astonish you.  We aim for at least a 25% increase in your business after one year.  Imagine what that would be worth to you!  The monthly fee is $699.  There’s no set-up fee and you may cancel at any time after four months (although you won’t want to!).

With your input, we’ll write the press releases for you and guarantee distribution to hundreds of news sites.  The four initial press releases will be in a carefully structured sequence.

Are you clear about why press releases work?  If not, just reading the first two sections of Dr. Bradford’s blog post here will clarify it.  (He also mentions there how you can do it yourself if you prefer.)

Video Newsroom Release Video

These distinctive, engaging videos are unmatched for instant credibility.  Be sure to use one on the home page of your website and again on the top of your YouTube channel and Facebook business page.  We’ll work with you to create a super attractive script, too.  You can select whether you want a male or female news anchor and whether you want a U.S. or U.K. speaker.  You’ll be proud to display this video for many years.  It’s a one-time fee of $2999.

Here’s an example for a kitchen remodeler using a female anchor with a UK accent:

Monthly Digital Marketing Service

Why not let us take care of your business’s digital marketing?

This is our recommended service.  It includes schema markup (with any change once a month at no extra cost), one press release that we’ll write for you with your input that has guaranteed distribution to hundreds of news sites, one new social media commercial, social media marketing (a minimum of 10 posts weekly on up to 10 social media platforms) and one new video commercial (which can be a text video if you’d like).  Just $996!

If purchased separately, here’s the pricing [see above]:

$199.     Schema Markup

$199.    Social Media Marketing

$199.    Social Media Video Commercial

$699.    Press Release

Total:  $1296.  So that’s a savings of $300 over our already low prices!

The one-time setup fee is $1000.

However, if you agree to sign-up for 6 months, we waive the setup fee.

(Why?  Again, it’s not magic and it typically takes 4 to 6 months to begin to see significant results.  Once you stay for six months, we predict that your business will be making so much more than the monthly investment that you won’t want to discontinue the service.)

Furthermore, again, we’ll give you discounts on any of our other services.  If there’s any standard digital marketing service that you’d like to test, we’ll get it for it you at a discount.

70% Discount on our Premier BackLinking Service!

How would you like us to guarantee at least 240,000+ high-quality backlinks to your blog over the next twelve months?  (The actual number will be higher and may be as high as 300,000!)

This is a one-time fee of $4995.  However, this is a new service and we would like testimonials from satisfied customers.  Therefore, for the first 10 who sign up, we are offering a whopping 70% discount.  So we’re offering this for the crazy one-time price of just $1495.

If you may be interested, contact us for more details.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Bradford about anything on this page to determine if we and you might make an effective business team.