Video and Digital Marketing Pricing

The purpose of a business is to attract, convert, and keep customers, clients, or patients.  Doing that effectively and efficiently yields a profit.

It requires an investment of both (i) time and energy and (ii) money.

The chief problems with establishing and growing a business using just your own time and energy are that it’s slow and usually results in overwhelm.

If possible, then, invest money to make money.  What’s critical is to maintain focus:  keep focused on your Return of Investment (ROI).

There’s good news about that, namely, our services are free in the sense that they will earn you more money than they cost.

If I were to give you $2.00 back for every $1.00 that you gave me, how many dollars would you give me?  Exactly.  We guarantee a positive return on investment [ROI] and are never satisfied until we double it.

The problem with a website page like this one is that it cannot provide information individualized to your situation. Please contact us to discuss where your business is and where you’d like it to be. We’ll tailor a plan that fits you.

The following are our general pricing guidelines for 2018.  All prices are USD.

Google My Business Analysis

If you own or manage a local business that is not in the Google Maps 3-pack for your primary search terms, you are not where you should be.  [See the 6-minute video on the About us page for a more complete explanation.]  How much is the analysis?  It’s worth at least $47, but you may have it free.  Furthermore, we’ll recommend steps to be taken, which you may do yourself, to fix the problem.

Social Media Marketing

Social media are where many new prospects for your business already hang out, which is why you should consider posting high-quality content on social media daily.  It’s not only difficult to post engaging posts regularly, but it’s also time-consuming.  We’re able to take care of that for you.  We’ll post quality content every day for you on up to 10 social media platforms including all the major ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the no-brainer price of just $99 a month.  (That’s typically hundreds of dollars less expensive than other providers on sites such as Thumbtack.)  You may stop the service at any time.

Social Media Video Commercials

According to Facebook, the most effective ads on its platform are about 15 seconds long.  Wow! That’s a very short amount of time to attract attention, make a point about some benefit you offer, and leave the viewer with a call to action.  Doing that well takes skill.  We’re able to do that for you.  Furthermore, you’ll be able to embed the videos on your website and, if you post them on YouTube, Vimeo, or some other video platform, include their URL’s in your email signature.  1 social media marketing video is $199.  1 a month (for a minimum of 3 months) is just $99 monthly, which is what we recommend because it not only will save you $100 per video but also it will provide you with several videos to rotate.

Review Video

Because they are from a third-party, testimonials are inherently much more credible than ads. Do you already have any 5-star written or video testimonials about your business?  If so, we can turn them into effective social media marketing videos.  They don’t just generate confidence, but having multiple ones is insurance for your business against any negative reviews.  1 is $397.  1 a month (for a minimum of 3 months) is just $247 monthly, which is what we recommend because multiple ones may boost your rankings as well as saving you $150 per video.

Traditional Video

This is a one-time sale; you’ll own the video to be used on your website, YouTube channel, with your emails, wherever.  Assuming that we we already have a template that will work well for your business, it’s just $399. [USD]  That includes a customized lower-third with a call to action.

Add-on options:  $50 for a beginning and/or ending slide and $50 for a custom background. Delivery via Dropbox or Google Drive:  free

Delivery via Dropbox or Google Drive:  free

USB drive mailed in padded envelope: $35.

If we don’t have a template, the pricing will be fair to both you and us and will likely still be in the three figures.

Traffic that Causes Warm, Online Prospects to Contact Your Business

We recommend this service to all our business partners.  We don’t offer magic, but new leads will begin contacting your business within days and the results in just 3 to 6 months will probably astonish you.  We guarantee a positive ROI and aim for at least a 25% increase in your business after one year.  Imagine what that would be worth to you!  The monthly fee is $699.  There’s no set-up fee and you may cancel at any time after three months (although you won’t want to!).

If you may be interested in this and schedule an appointment to discuss it, we’ll give you a manual prospectus on how your business could grow.  It’s a $999 value, but you may keep it at no charge just for talking seriously with us about this option.

Video Newsroom Release Video

These distinctive, engaging videos are unmatched for instant credibility.  Be sure to use one on the home page of your website and again on the top of your YouTube channel and Facebook business page.  We’ll work with you to create a super attractive script, too.  You can select whether you want a male or female news anchor and whether you want a U.S. or U.K. speaker.  You’ll be proud to display this video for many years.  It’s a one-time fee of $2999.  If you may be interested, just ask us to send you a link to a sample on YouTube.

Website Analysis

Is your website structured the way it should be to support high rankings in the search engines? Just because you visited this page, we’ll do an analysis for you for free.  (See the ad on the upper right.)

Website Creation

Is your website properly structured to attract high rankings in the search engines?  If not, even if it’s beautiful, it’s not working well for you.  The truth is that fewer and fewer people are visiting local business websites.  Search engine habits are changing.

More and more searches are done on mobile devices.  Depending upon the local market niche, 60 to 70% of searches are done online, and this has affected the search engine algorithms (especially after the major “possum” Google change in September 2016).  When busy people are searching for something local online, they want it quickly!  They have become less and less inclined to review websites or organic search engine results.  They want a shortcut.

What do they use?  The Google Maps 3-pack.  This Google Money Pack is what really matters.

Your website, though, is still important because the search engine algorithms still weigh it heavily.  It has to provide the evidence to Google that your business deserves to be in 3-packs.

What’s our website solution for your business?

We’ll build you a properly structured, content-loaded, new website for just $1199.!  That’s a one-time investment.  You may have all original content for only $200 extra.  Your site will have between 50 and 150 posts as well as plenty of images, too.  Just set your Google My Business listing  to match your properly structured website exactly and you’ll be really glad that you did for many years to come.  Typically, your free search results will continue to rise in the rankings for months, and you’ll also be eligible to be included in the 3-packs.  This website itself, which was not created with all original content, is an example of what we can do for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Bradford about anything on this page to see if we and you might make an effective business team.